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Ever since we've looked up at the night sky we've attempted to map out the universe, from crude pictographs on cave walls to the first simple drawings of constellations. COSMO-GRAPHIA is a complex, illustrated window to the heavens using simple geometric shapes, colors, scale, and opacity.




Meural combines the best of art, technology, and design to create products that make us feel something. Meural incorporates culture, craft, and circuitry in order to foster physical and emotional well-being. Elegant, connected, and carefully crafted, Meural’s digital canvas empowers individuals with newfound access to art from the past, present, and future.

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Coty: New York Color

Brand Art

New York Color manufacturers go-to beauty essentials, inspired by New York City's energy, style and vibe. Dynamic. Pulsating. Captivating. New York Color required digital marketing collateral for the launch of a new product line, debuting across the United States and European countries.

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